Group Discription

Zhuhai Unitech Group (hereinafter referred to as " UT Group") located in Zhuhai, is a technology collectivization enterprise owned 1700 employees with strong capital strength and efficient operation ability, which total assets has been more than hundred million. After 30 years construction and development, with the development of subsidiaries such as Unitech, Unilink, Unicook, Udot, Uni-information, Sensestar, UT properties, and UT commercial,formed a diversified multi-field, multi-level business pattern.

According to industry cultivation, format innovation, technology innovation, management innovation, merger and reorganization, UT Group has successfully established a number of main businesses with leading positions in the industry, including technology development and industrialization on industrial safety, power automation, micro-grid and energy efficiency management, vibration monitoring on oil and transmission chain, intelligent catering, intelligent home, intelligent cloud lock, and multiple fields as real estate development, commercial management and property management. It is committed to building a comprehensive industrial group integrating industrial security, IoT industry, real estate development and commercial operation.

Based on the craftsmanship spirit of ‘Create unique, Pursuit perfection’, adhered to independent research and key technology, UT Group has made a remarkable achievement with more than 1000 core patents. In terms of products and services, it continues to create value for customers from fields of electric power, petrochemical, metallurgy, coal, railway transportation, communications, real estate, smart city, and makes high market occupancy in China.


Industrial Safety

The industrial safety industry is the core industry of the Group. Its products are mainly used in the fields like power plants, power grids, petrochemicals, metallurgy, coal, electrified rail traffic, communications, etc. The Group has three subsidiaries and has established a large-scale industry status with distinctive technical characteristics in the field of industrial safety. ....

IoT industry

Relying on the accumulation of the user language and Internet of Things technologies and the innovation genes of UT Group for more than 30 years, AI+IoT has become the core strategy, and the Industrial Internet of Things has developed into a strategic industry of the Group. It has 3 subsidiaries, which are deeply connected through advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, sensing technology, big data, cloud computing...

Real Estate and Commercial Operation

Real estate development is an important industry for the Group's development. It has three subsidiaries. At present, the Group relays on the smart technology to extend along the main real estate development industry under the background that the real estate market has undergone profound adjustments....
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